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Artificial Intelligence – You might already be using more than you think!

Artificial Intelligence  As businesses are now able to utilise more and more Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies than ever before, in fact the amount and sophistication can be bewildering. Let’s look at the key advantages around AI and ML as they are reasonably straightforward. Here is our summary: Consistent application Reliability Accuracy…
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How to ensure Digital Marketing adds value to your business

Digital Marketing provides an excellent route to grow customers along with providing customers a benefit in that it is easy and is tailored to what they need and value.
It is very analytical and expandable therefore, investment can be tailored to both geography and a specific strategy or consumer.
However, as all marketing strategies, time and cost will need to be dedicated to achieve a relevant outcome over all invested platforms. It cannot be done half-heartedly, if badly managed all advantage will be eroded if not lost!

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