Independent Manufacturing Consultants

We are independent manufacturing consultants based in West Yorkshire. We operate throughout the Leeds and surrounding area.

Paul Blackman is a manufacturing specialist and will use his vast and complex experience to quickly identify improvements, therefore helping you to move forward within a realistic timeframe.

How can we help?

We spend time with you to discuss what you want to achieve, using our experience to help identify areas for improvement based on your own objectives. We then agree and implement a plan of action. We do this by working with your team to deliver change that is sustainable and measurable. Everything may feel 'new' at this stage but we will be actively supporting at all levels; to ensure a clear transition. We do this as required every step of the way.

Here's an example of what our clients say:

"Paul has been instrumental in developing the skills of key members of our team and giving them the confidence to accept and embrace change; he soon identified our areas of weakness and implemented a plan to improve them." CB

We work with your team to give them the skills to effectively Manage by covering the following points:

Measure and understand what is 'actually' happening, this is essential to ascertain what needs to be improved.

Evaluate problems correctly and work effectively on fixes.
Develop team with skills and a common vision.

Understand how to design and map processes.

Value chains - what they are, the benefits and how you use them

Cost centres - what they are, the benefits and how you use them

Profit centres - what they are, the benefits and how you use them

Reduce inventory to work more efficiently

Reduce internal Turnaround Time (TAT).

Deliver factual information both orally and in written form.

Understand how to record and manage quality data.

Identify and manage 'Improvement Projects'.

Use the "Lean Toolbox” correctly to improve 'real' performance.

What being a leader means and how to make those difficult but essential decisions in a professional and meaningful way.

How we do this?

We work with your teams to improve the level of overall competence by identifying issues and constraints. This creates an activity plan which can be validated and sponsored by a business senior.

As very experienced and hands on Manufacturing professionals we are not theorists, we deliver what is needed to improve the business – we do not have a prescribed fix or simplistic answers as the ‘improvement plan’ is bespoke and is best delivered through experience and understanding NOT as a 'one size fits all approach'. Every project we undertake are as different as each client, with complex and sometimes specific needs to suit their business type and overall objective

An independent review can often bring a fresh pair of eyes and a refreshed enthusiasm to a business!

If you need a little help, it all starts with a conversation Contact us for more information or to set up an initial meeting or call.

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