Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics

In our term “Reverse Logistics” (Often wrongly referred to as ‘returns management’) we cover the complete cycle of understanding the causes of Consumer Dissatisfaction.

We focus on improving overall product performance and changing a potential ‘negative’ into an opportunity to improve.

Our services ‘add value’ to the process by aligning the needs of both you and your customers.

This alignment can be achieved in a number of ways but all should be bespoke, highly numeric, legally compliant and serve to both protect and enhance the brands of you and your customers.

Our experience is considerable both nationally and internationally for both retailers and Manufacturers. We can advise on financial expectation, proven techniques and contract formation including environmental compliance.

The environmental challenges are best summarised within the need to move to a ‘circular economic’ approach. This involves a change in thinking and approach in all of your business areas. We support you in this transition and support your business to be the best it can be.

We advise from an independent perspective and our only incentive is a positive sustainable outcome for our clients.

Summary of areas covered:

  • Returns management.
  • Credit management and audit.
  • Visual Management benefits and system design.
  • Customer and consumer data to establish cause of dissatisfaction.
  • Technical reporting and product improvement.
  • Refurbishment and spares harvesting.
  • Revenue streams and options.
  • Team training and documentation.
  • Quality Management and evidence.
  • Environmental licensing and WEEE.

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