Independent Retail Operations Consultants

Independent Retail Operations Consultants

Retail Operations

We are independent business improvement consultants based in West Yorkshire

Paul Blackman is a Retail Operations specialist and uses his vast and complex experience to quickly identify improvements needed for all elements of retailing, improving sales and efficiencies. He has gained his knowledge through dealing with and setting up integrated processes to suit retailers of multiple sizes, from a single department store to a national chain.

We typically start the process by spending time with our client discussing the current status. We spend time on the shop floor to get an overview and feel for the store with customer experience in mind. We are ‘hands on’ and use our own experience to quickly help identify areas for improvement based on our clients objectives. We then agree and implement a plan of action, working with your team to deliver change that is sustainable and measurable, supporting at all levels; as required every step of the way.

Once we have established and agreed client’s objectives, we work with you and your team to empower them with skills to effectively manage. Key areas include:

  • Measuring and understanding what is ‘actually’ happening in store to review an improvement plan
  • Reviewing the customer experience - Evaluating problems correctly and work effectively on fixes.
  • Pulling together the team by identifying individual strengths and skills
  • Review and develop the team to understand how to design and map processes:
    • Value chains
    • Cost centres
    • Profit centres
    • Rate of sale
    • Customer Dissatisfaction and any reasons to not ‘buy’
  • Reduce inventory, whilst increasing stock that is saleable to increase performance
  • Reduce out of stocks and review the strategy for ‘mark-downs’
  • Develop the team to be able to deliver factual information both orally and in written form to improve overall performance
  • Understand how to record and manage stock in terms of ‘quality’
  • Use the Lean “Toolbox” correctly to improve ‘real’ performance and add value
  • Understanding what being a leader means and how to make those difficult but essential decisions in a professional and meaningful way

How we do this

We work with your teams to improve the level of overall competence by identifying issues and constraints. This creates an activity plan which can be validated and sponsored by a business senior.

As very experienced and ‘hands-on’ professionals we are not theorists, we deliver what is needed to improve the business

We do not have a prescribed fix or simplistic answers as the ‘improvement plan’ is bespoke and is best delivered through experience and understanding NOT a one size fits all approach. Operational Excellence is important to us. For the complete support package we also offer marketing and social media management. Angela has a background in retail product development and supports a number of clients over various business categories. See more details here: Small Business Marketing Support

Here at u-look-i-c Ltd we work hard for the benefit of our clients. We are independent consultants who tailor our solutions to your business needs. We are your professional partner for sustainable business growth.

Contact us for an initial conversation or just a virtual coffee, we love to talk business!

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