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International Operational Excellence

We work closely with a range of different business types and categories. The needs vary as much as the business itself, we are here to support with all forms of operational activity in the UK and overseas as appropriate and in alignment with each individual business

To be truly excellent it is essential the measurement is made against customer needs. We specialise in aligning core activity to customer needs in a variety of ways but as a summary include the following:

  • UK and International Trading expertise
  • Process and supply chain mapping
  • Implementation - Understanding, explaining and implementing complex supply requirements
  • Contract negotiation and effective purchasing
  • Clear process supported by complaint policies, procedures and work instructions.
  • Visual Management benefits and system design
  • Efficiency measurement based on increasing customer satisfaction and reduced Turnaround Time (TAT).
  • Review effectivity with a ‘Right first time’ approach to all activity
  • Training and understanding of both the internal and external customer needs
  • Layouts and equipment of both service and manufacturing business
  • Health and safety how its implementation increasing effectivity and efficiency
  • Cost modelling – either standard cost or activity based costing
  • Reporting systems and 'intelligent' I.T. to increase competitive advantage. ERP and MRP expertise and improvement implementation
  • Training - Management and team training
  • Organisational realignment - change is the only constant and operationally your business has to be Lean and Agile at all times
  • Performance measure - Key performance indicators (KPI) and 'lean Management' techniques
  • Quality assurance and Quality control
  • Exporting and Importing assessment and improvement for both B2B and B2C businesses

In summary we take what you have and develop it into what you need, saving you time and money

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