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Operational Excellence

To be truly excellent it is essential the measurement is made against customer needs. We specialise in aligning core activity to customer needs in a variety of ways but as a summary include the following:

  • Quality assurance and Quality control.
  • Clear process supported by complaint policies, procedures and work instructions.
  • Visual Management benefits and system design.
  • Efficiency measurement based on increasing customer satisfaction and reduced Turnaround Time (TAT).
  • Right first time approach to all activity.
  • Training and understanding of both the internal and external customer needs.
  • Layouts and equipment of both service and manufacturing business.
  • Health and safety how its implementation increasing effectivity and efficiency.
  • Cost modelling – either standard cost or activity based costing.
  • Reporting systems and 'intelligent' I.T. to increase competitive advantage.
  • Training - Management and team training.
  • Organisational realignment - change is the only constant and operationally your business has to be Lean and Agile at all times.
  • Implementation - Understanding, explaining and implementing complex supply requirements.
  • Contract negotiation and effective purchasing.
  • Performance measure - Key performance indicators (KPI) and 'lean Management' techniques.

In summary we take what you have and develop it into what you need.

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