What is your experience of coming back to a totally new business landscape to the one you left?

Our discussions with businesses revealed that many are realising the need to adapt; both their ‘offer’ and how they internally process, due to the changed business environment.

How do you avoid solving the wrong problem?

The data and approaches of the pre lockdown business need to be revisited for relevance.

Is your offer relevant to a changed customer demand?

Our key findings on talking with Businesses

  • Remaining effective - The questions that come from discussions to define ‘relevant actions’ have surprised many.
    • As a principle we always suggest revisiting your customer needs. This ensures your Business stays relevant and effective.
  • Review stock and demand - Inventory is often a concern for many as changed demand patterns are both affecting usage and influencing the ability to service orders. The upshot turns on a lightbulb; that suppliers are also in a ‘transition state’ working together is essential and should be welcomed.
    • We help our clients to evaluate suitability of available inventory to current and future needs
  • Work with your suppliers - We always suggest a review of your supplier relationship. Things will have changed for both parties. Confirm both lead times and pricing; more relevant if your supply chain is long or international.
    • We support our clients by reviewing and restructuring supply agreements as necessary
  • Back to work Health & Safety ‘New Normal’ - Interestingly the H&S side has not been a major concern; as so much information has been made available. This is not to say it is straightforward but nevertheless, doable and not a concern to many.
    • We support our clients to comply with legislation and review processes to ensure employees and site visitors feel comfortable within the environment
  • Do you have the right team? - The change to demand has resulted in ‘people’ considerations. These considerations have been centred on available or required skills and capacity requirements. Our discussions have engendered thinking around flexibility and the need to preserve loyal team members.
    • We have not been party to the ‘slash costs’ mantra; as long-term business relationships have been the primary influencer. We support with any required redesign or organisational chart; to match the identified need
  • Brexit is on the horizon – Although it’s not ‘today’ it is clearly going to have an effect on any new plans NOW.
    • Our advice has been constant, plan for the worst and hope for the best. It is possible to consider fully as WTO terms are known and would certainly challenge the unprepared. We have assisted in planning and preparation. This for us is a major concern that many businesses do not appreciate the turbulence to come even with a structured plan.
Dissatisfied Customer

We help by supporting clients to ask the right questions. This helps to give some of the answers that will put their business in a positive position for a changed reality

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