I focus on Digital Marketing, Social Media Management and Design presentation services for our clients

I work very closely with our clients on brand marketing strategy so I understand their needs when I’m creating new content (images and text) for their product or service. We work together to establish priorities and use real data research to influence priorities.

I compile the analytics over all online platforms to summarise and create a realistic picture for our clients, presented with clarity to establish further action and priority. I provide content suitable for website updates, galleries, social media platforms and printed media on an ongoing basis. I implement posts tailored to different market sectors for our clients use.

Our clients know they have a safe pair of hands to represent their business while they get on with running it!

Career background

I spent many years working for several different publishers designing and creating greeting and gift ranges. I worked directly with National and Independent Retailer buyers. My progression of roles from Design Manager to Product Development Director, has given me a broad and commercial experience. I managed development through the intricate creative and product development process, managing teams to final production. All designed in the UK but sometimes produced overseas, where I was involved in print and production passes in Italy Holland and Hong Kong.

On a personal note I can’t help but be creative. From a design background, I am still a keen photographer, printmaker and illustrator. I am instinctively drawn to appreciate all things creative and just can’t help myself from being inspired by both new technology and traditional skills. It feels so good to have a ‘space’ where I can share some of my creative ideas and sell my finished artwork and hand painted designs. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and I’m so glad I’ve taken the plunge to give it a go! The feedback and encouragement I have received has been amazing – thank you so much!

You can see my creative artwork at iseecollections

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