I focus on digital marketing and design presentation services

We work together as a team to identify challenges and work out the best way to present them to our clients as part of our delivery

I use analytics to influence design and marketing priorities for our clients

I work very closely with our clients on brand marketing strategy so I understand their needs when I’m creating new content (images and text) for their product or service. We work together to establish priorities and use real data research to influence priorities.

I compile the analytics over all online platforms to summarise and create a realistic picture, presented with clarity to establish further action and priority. I provide content suitable for website updates, galleries, social media platforms and printed media on an ongoing basis. I implement posts tailored to different market sectors for our clients use.

Having come from the ‘hard’ business world I realise that all things have to have a reason and return. This is how I work with the often-complex data and reporting that is available.

Our clients know they have a safe pair of hands to represent their business while they get on with running it!

On a personal note I can’t help but be creative. From a design background, I am still a keen photographer, printmaker and illustrator. I am instinctively drawn to appreciate all things creative and just can’t help myself from being inspired by both new technology and traditional skills.
It has been useful to draw on this experience, particularly with some of our creative or retail clients.

I have created a space for my own (part time) creativity. Feel free to take a look:



Mobile: 07957 664491

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