"doing the right thing is more important than doing things right." Doing the right thing is effectiveness; doing things right is efficiency.
That's according to noted management expert, Peter Drucker. As he says; Focus first on effectiveness (identifying what is the right thing to do), then concentrate on efficiency (doing it right).

The most important thing is to be effective – doing the right thing at the right time.
This starts at the top – if your senior team are working effectively; your business is likely to deliver efficiently!

If your senior team are not concentrating on the right things, then as it cascades down your entire business you will have an efficient delivery of the wrong thing!
The consequences of this means you will not be in a position to maximise your opportunities

We support business to prioritise and deliver ‘the right things at the right time’ for more effective and sustainable business growth
Here are our top 3 tips to remind yourself or help get you started!

Using time to think and plan is time well-spent. In fact, if you fail to take time for planning, you are; in effect, planning to fail!
Organise in a way that makes sense to you. If you need colour and pictures, use them on your calendar or planning book - ‘a picture paints a 1000 words’ and this process may suit you better as an instant reminder.
Some people need to have papers filed away; others get their creative energy from their organised stacks of paper.
So, forget what you think you "should" do and start organising your way. (Of course, if you work closely with others, make sure your way doesn’t over encroach on ‘their way’ – a simple conversation or discussion will help you to understand each other!
Goals give your life, and the way you spend your time, direction.
When asked the secret to amassing such a fortune, one of the famous Hunt brothers from Texas replied: "First you've got to decide what you want." Set goals which are specific, measurable, realistic and achievable. Your optimum goals are those which cause you to "stretch" but not "break" as you strive for achievement. Goals can give creative people a much-needed sense of direction.

Richard Branson’s singular piece of advice for managing your time effectively is to stay focused. Distraction is time lost. “Manage your Blackberry”, he says. “Don't let it manage you. Check email in bursts and then put it away to concentrate on the task at hand. When it comes to managing others' time, it's better to give your employees space than directives. As long as you've hired people you trust, (which doesn't mean they won't occasionally make mistakes) you will feel comfortable giving them the reins and letting them take responsibility”.
Use the 80-20 Rule originally stated by the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto who noted that 80 percent of the reward comes from 20 percent of the effort. The trick to prioritising is to isolate and identify that valuable 20 percent. Once identified, prioritise time to concentrate your work on those items with the greatest reward. Prioritise by colour, number or letter — whichever method makes the most sense to you. Flagging items with a deadline is another idea for helping you stick to your priorities.

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