Making the most of your opportunities and making sure you choose the right ones for your business

Where will I get my opportunities from over the coming years?

This is such a major question that should be on the agenda of every business senior. Sometimes opportunities come from unexpected places and the business has to be ready!

To give some real-world context, we were in discussion with two Artisan businesses recently. They both produce superb quality products which are 100% British made and brilliant! But what do they need to do and how will it affect their business?

Small businesses often want to explore broader market potential; this of course could include overseas markets too, but finding where to start and how it applies to their unique business is a challenge – one that we; as independent business consultants, gladly take on and support our clients every step of the way, ensuring critical avenues are explored and confirmed as 'relevant' for the future growth of the business

A common dilemma; which often arises particularly with small businesses, is having an understanding of how to promote the ‘real value’ of the product, along with their specialist and unique skills that sets them apart from the rest. We help our clients to evaluate and identify oportunities as a result!

Have you thought about Exporting your products?

One thing’s for sure; if businesses are thinking of Exporting, then in today’s changing environment, it is important to ensure they capitalise on having full UK origin status (avoiding import tariffs and import VAT). Clear country of origin status has been a problem for many businesses which has seriously impacted on their costings and ability to be flexible when it comes to pleasing customers and streamlining the ordering process and all it entails. Ensuring your business and products has detailed, relevant and correct specification has a significant competitive advantage that must be capitalised on!

Easy when you know how and something we support businesses to make their position clear and compliant

The usual approach has been to simply sell online and hope for growth. This may work, but with little or no strategy or ability to influence direction for the longer term it will surely fail

A Strategic Approach to Exporting

Let’s consider a deeper approach aimed at gaining success in a more strategic manner

Often, small businesses can be overwhelmed by all that is or could be involved in exporting to suitable markets and they feel out of their comfort zone and skill set, believing the difficulties outweighed the advantages! This is so true UNLESS you have the ‘real life experience’ to look out for common pitfalls. It's important to have a longer term view on what can happen further down the line if actions are taken or set up correctly at the outset - We can provide guidance and straight forward explanation, part of our services!

Paul’s expertise on explaining how he supports and assists in researching their particular category; also helps them to benefit from a relevant and aligned network to the product in mind.

Talking to clients “the lights came on to appreciating the ‘opportunities’ and what may suit their vision” says Paul.

Capitalising on opportunities as they are presented

The UK government is opening ‘Trade deals’ that allow entry into Markets that are UK friendly in terms of legislation and consumers who align with UK artisan and unique products. This is akin to knocking on an ‘open door’ - Once inside; the Journey to success is never guaranteed but has a very strong chance of being a great success!

Paul has been involved with ‘International trade’ all his working life and has the broad skill set needed to assist and grow both Manufacturing based businesses and retail based ‘value add’ businesses. His experience can help to avoid common pitfalls and also save time, money and disappointment

In addition, he has a strong direct network of international contacts; that can and do offer very different options and routes to market. Coupled with all that is need to build cohesive agreements, he makes a good choice for those who are just setting out or exploring options and implications as well as those who are established and need to make a change. (If he doesn’t know someone directly there is a good chance he will have a connection who will be relevant to the way forward)

Join us on specialist courses and workshops (in conjunction with WYCC and BHP Accountants)

Paul is running a series of courses and workshops alongside regular tailored 'in company' support consultancy. Please get in touch to discuss options and requirements to help you to move your business forward

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