Digital Marketing is most effective when all online activity is measured!

Digital Marketing; which includes Website, SEO and Social Media platforms etc. managed correctly enriches and delivers a positive customer experience in a variety of ways, but also is a cost effective solution for any business that wishes to grow or increase its exposure. Traditional marketing may also be relevant to a specific campaign, which can only be enhanced by Digital Marketing activity.

It lowers your investment in Marketing compared with traditional marketing avenues. Digital Marketing also allows a simple on going calculation of ROI (Return on Investment) keeping your business visibly on track!

When your Digital Marketing activity is managed against your business strategy, we believe the benefits are:

  • Measurable
  • Flexible
  • Low cost entry
  • Reach large audiences
  • Easy to optimize
  • Increases conversion rates

Therefore, a correctly managed digital campaign strategically delivers your resource to identified and targeted areas. It reduces wasted effort by focussing on what you want to achieve and has the ability to target your market more accurately.

However, be aware, without a consistent process and a skilled application, results will not be optimised; resulting in wasted effort and disappointment for your customer / consumer.  (See customer dissatisfaction)

Measurable Results

Digital Marketing is most effective when all online activity is measured, drawing conclusions and identifying actions as a result of ‘real’ response over all activity. Each platform can be quickly and accurately reviewed, aiding conclusions and further actions in line with your business strategy. Working in this way, your internal resource is targeted and adds value not cost to your marketing activity.


Consumer expectation has changed. Traditional marketing techniques fall short when it comes to flexibility. Each marketing activity needs to be reconsidered or complemented by digital marketing programmes. This means marketing campaigns can be more flexible and fine-tuned to appeal to the individual consumer and a broad group. Consumers have come to expect personalisation as part of their digital connection.

To ensure success it is essential to deliver what your customer needs and values.

Digital marketing through its depth and breadth of ‘offer’ allows you to create a campaign that is flexible, unique and personally relevant.

Low cost entry

The principal benefit we see in Digital Marketing; is the opportunity to scale and create a programme that is targeted directly to the identified audience. As opposed to traditional activities which carry a higher price tag to set up and are less ‘flexible and measurable’. However, traditional marketing products such as TV ads, radio commercials can be further enhanced and exposed via additional digital routes. The point is; you can achieve a broader ‘reach’ with a much lower investment!

Reach larger audiences

There are few limits to where you can communicate with current and potential customers. This is very different to traditional forms of marketing which tends to be limited by both geographic area and the size of your budget. Although budget is still a consideration, how it’s spent is far more controllable in terms of geographic area and audience.

Easy to optimize

Digital Marketing has built in ability to optimize with relevant insights available to interpret. Due its flexibility and ease of measurement; via the individual platform reporting structures, you can respond to performance and make rapid changes as required. Results are in real time, which allows you to monitor and respond effectively.

Improved conversion rates

As more and more customers of all ages are using online facilities, the ‘fear’ is being replaced with greater trust and acceptance. Therefore, customers can very easily contact or purchase in a variety of ways at a time of their choosing. Long gone are the days of waiting for the office to be open or the telephone lines available. The ability to capture data allows for accurate targeting and providing customers not only with the products and service of interest to them, but also a raft of support options providing the ability to assist far in advance of traditional approaches.

To summarise

Digital Marketing provides an excellent route to grow customers along with providing customers a benefit in that it is easy and is tailored to what they need and value.

It is very analytical and expandable therefore, investment can be tailored to both geography and a specific strategy or consumer.

However, as all marketing strategies, time and cost will need to be dedicated to achieve a relevant outcome over all invested platforms. It cannot be done half-heartedly, if badly managed all advantage will be eroded if not lost!

Here at u-look-i-c Ltd we provide meaningful feedback via analysis, SEO reporting or platform statistics, which makes each action measureable and in line with your business strategy. The results help us to identify and guide you through next steps. We are your professional partner for business growth.

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