Getting the best from your social media and digital presence is not easy. It takes time to review results and convert them into something meaningful for your business growth.

Business Improvement
Business Improvement

We work with a number of independent clients (SME’s) from a variety of business categories (Manufacturers / Makers / Trades / Retailers / Creatives etc.) on a monthly basis to give a ‘reality check’ to all their dedicated efforts on each digital platform. We provide visual and editorial content along the way and help them to make sense of the data generated over the month, by converting results into a set of real priorities, actions and suggestions. Many of our clients don’t have time to dedicate to digital marketing as they are getting on with running their business. Our support helps them to move forward knowing we’re there to bring attention to specific ideas and activity.

Here are our top 10 points to make your digital marketing efforts add value to your business

Marketing Communication

Point One

Choose the platforms that best represent your customers. The platforms you choose should be where you will find existing and prospective customers (decision makers). This decision will affect the amount of time and resource you put behind each platform. No point just ‘banging out posts’ with no regard to who your audience is!

Point Two

Choose your business ‘hub’ - Depending on your business and how it interacts with your customers, we generally see the website as the hub to all activity. After all, this is the platform that represents your business in terms of product or service along with its values and people. It also acts as a ‘shop window’ to your business; no matter what the sector.

Point Three

Don’t treat every social media platform in the same way. They all require a different approach from each other. For example; Instagram is predominantly set up to search on a large number of #hashtags whereas Twitter works better with a small number of very specific #Hashtags relevant to the ‘post’

Point Four

Data and Analytics = Measurable results We believeDigital Marketing is most effective when all online activity is measured, drawing conclusions and identifying actions as a result of ‘real’ response over all activity. Each platform can be quickly and accurately reviewed, aiding conclusions and further actions in line with your business strategy.

By working in this way, your internal resource is targeted and adds value not cost to your marketing activity.

Making use of ‘the numbers’ can be a good guide and help you with ‘the next steps’ when you monitor your online activity regularly. It takes time to build a realistic picture, but when used in conjunction with your business objectives or mission; it can prove to be a key element to your business growth.

Point Five

Targeted and flexible communication - Consumer expectation has changed. This means marketing campaigns can be more flexible and fine-tuned to appeal to the individual consumer and a broad group. Consumers have come to expect personalisation as part of their digital connection. You as a business can therefore take advantage of targeted paid posts; tailored to your desired consumer group.

To ensure success; it is essential to deliver what your customer needs and values.

Digital marketing through its depth and breadth of ‘offer’ allows you to create a campaign that is flexible, unique and personally relevant.

Point Six

Don’t just ‘bang it out’ - Of course, there are always those who think that multiple posts will get the engagement they need. We call that ‘banging it out’ or ‘shouting out your own name’ when the real benefit is given away in the title ‘social’ media. Targeted engagement is the key to success not necessarily just exposure. Depending on the platform you’re using; the more ‘social’ you can be; the more interactive and receptive you will be with yours and others’ activities. By its nature, this gives you more chance of reaching the right audience. Or at least the people who naturally fit your business or what you have to say!

One thing that isn’t effective is ‘banging out’ posts on social media. Whichever is your preferred platform, make sure each post is tailored towards your particular audience delivered in a style to suit it.

Point Seven

Write a Blog – Every business has something to say, products to show off, services and success stories to shout about. Make sure you share yours. If used effectively your blogs can be a great asset to your overall digital marketing.

Point Eight

Know your audience and value their opinions - It takes time to generate and engage with an audience. People will come and go by its nature. But the important thing for your business is to look out for consistencies. Use your audience to ask opinions and seek a response that suits your business direction. This approach can be very useful to gauge a response to a new idea, without investing huge amounts of money!

Point Nine

Review your digital marketing activity on a regular basis. This will help you to ‘keep it real’ and understand where you are with your customers and prospective customers. It will also highlight short comings and give you positive direction on your next steps. It will also highlight missing elements and potential opportunities.

Point Ten

Come to us! We pull all the information together in one place to enable conclusions to be drawn and priorities and future actions assessed.

Here at u-look-i-c Ltd we provide meaningful feedback via analysis, SEO reporting or platform statistics, which makes each action measureable and in line with your business strategy. The results help us to identify and guide you through next steps.

We are your professional partner to business growth.

Contact us for more information or to set up an initial conversation.

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