What is a Value Proposition and why do you need it?

You have a great service or product – how do you explain this to your current or prospective clients so they know you are a good choice for their needs?

You need a Value Proposition (VP) as part of your business process for any new product, service or client. It’s about tapping into your market, understanding your customer and maximising the benefits with your customer at the forefront of your decisions. This then creates a sound structure to base the ‘value’ of each proposal you make.

It’s about giving your customers exactly what they need and demonstrate the tangible benefits for both parties. It’s not saying ‘we’re the best’ or ‘you won’t find better’ but about finding a way to prove you’re the best choice as your proposition clearly adds clarity and value.

After you’ve created your business case; which defines the opportunity from a viability point of view, you move onto your Value Proposition to build your proposal:

  • Give a clear summary of what you do and how it benefits and adds value to your customer.
  • Avoid ‘buying on price’ alone, it’s about the ‘whole package’
  • Allow your customer to value the benefits
  • Provide clarity - easy to understand; explanation of ‘customer expectation’
  • Express what makes your company offer different or better than your competitors?
  • Make it easy for your customer to present your proposal as an ‘easy sell’ to internal teams or the decision maker
  • Be understood succinctly and accurately by using additional tools (such as infographics, video, case studies and testimonials)

How should your customer proposal be structured to include your VP?

Structure and contents

Often a well thought out Graphic (infographic) is used to make the point visually and can be included in other Marketing communication.


The hook must be the benefit to your customer – i.e. adds value in clear terms

Sub Heading

Why you do, what you do - how you do it – adds clarity and aids understanding.

Then clear bullet points – to show benefits to the customer

Benefit 1

Benefit 2

Benefit 3

Benefits are often shown as a visual to help explain what the benefits are and how they benefit – often a graph or short video presentation will suffice.

Here at u-look-i-c Ltd we help you to understand and demonstrate your benefits in relation to what your customer(s) need and value.

The results help us to identify and guide you through next steps. We are your professional partner to business growth.

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