The lights are slowly coming back on!

A cautious feeling of optimism is just beginning.

We have been supporting our clients (virtually) in these difficult times; to do what is needed very much on a survival basis in preparation for the new normal

This has included how to organise for the ‘now’ dealing with the current situation, along with reaching out to new customers and suppliers, preparing for the new normal.

We have done much to assist in considering what the new normal may look like as of course this is a new position and even perspective for everyone!

One thing is absolutely certain – life will go on, and business will be instrumental in this process.

Our top tips for now

  • Keep in contact with your team even if on furlough.
  • Stay really close to your cash flow and be prepared to make some tough decisions
  • Discuss options for financial support with your advisors – there are many options available if you look for them
  • Stay close to your customers and ensure you are making sure your customers understand you are there and intend to support them.
  • Often forgotten but so important - communicate with your suppliers, they may have a changed reality too.
  • Divide your resources into tactical = Managers. Strategic = Directors. Yes, there is a need for short term tactical actions BUT fortune always favours the brave.
  • Keep a log of actions and learnings this is so valuable when you look back. This will be invaluable when you are assessing the outcome.

Companies must be confident they won’t be sued if they get it wrong, so keeping an eye on Government guidelines must be followed in terms of phased working times, using the correct PPE and social distancing etc.

Customers must be confident enough to spend money, which of course is critical to business survival

Overall - change is a constant for businesses anyway. Be flexible and empathetic in your approach as a collective, supportive approach will deliver results quicker than trying to defeat whatever comes along.

Stay safe

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