If you run a business and don’t subscribe to any social media platforms; research says you are missing out!

We support our clients with social media on a number of different levels; from total management, creating a new page, to the actual ‘post’ content and strategy, adding branded images, discussing and reviewing performance and 'next steps' as we go – whatever our clients’ need.

Facebook for business – Not necessarily the right platform for every business; but in many cases Facebook can prove to be a surprising asset in terms of exposure and ultimately increased sales.

For example, the variety of clients pictured here; have achieved great results whilst communicating with their followers. We believe most businesses can benefit from Facebook in some way as it has such broad use, whether sharing staff achievements or customer engagement it is a great platform to let your followers know you are there and very much active and passionate about what you do!

An established local business – New to Facebook; but within a few hours of launching their Business page; they had 70 ‘likes’ and 7 x 5* reviews – well done to them, people must have been waiting for them to launch their page! They have since been able to keep their followers up to date with projects and promote their customers too as part of their own brand strategy!

Another business; who offer an emergency service to the public; find it essential to connect with their audience. They use Facebook to encourage contact and also share their latest projects, which we also upload to their website folio for them too for maximum exposure and use.

It maybe more obvious for a shop to use Facebook. It's a great way to let followers know 'what's new' by regularly promoting their ranges or even their special events. We support with occasional branded posts and specific images to share over other platforms too for a consistent branded message.

Of course, to make Facebook for Business work for you; is not that simple. It takes time and effort to connect with your audience and engage with other complementary businesses. But, in many ways; you can’t lose; you get to share what you’re doing and pick up some friends and business along the way – win-win!

If you need support with your Social Media activity or specifically Facebook for Business, we can help. Whether a strategy review, some training or regular posting on your behalf, please contact us to discuss further

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