Nobody wants a Fairy Tale!

But writing a good Business Presentation has to be a ‘good story’ to be interesting and engaging.

Like any ‘tale to tell’ in business communication you will have:

A beginning – to introduce the subject

A middle – to give clarity and meaning

An end – for a strong ‘call to action’

Whatever your subject and whatever the size of your audience, each presentation must be tailored to suit your target market. Furthermore, there are different considerations when delivering the message to different sized audiences in different ways.

For example, addressing a large auditorium of people will require the presenter to stand out and the ‘slide-show’ to act as a prompt, supporting what is said. Whereas creating a ‘hand out’ following a training session; needs to be more informative, perhaps even acting as a reference booklet.

We know how hard it can be to ‘get the message across’ in a simple ‘easy to understand’ way; when creating a presentation about your own business. We can all be too close to the subject, making it difficult to sift through the large amount of information to identify the ‘story to tell’ which will also get your points across and keep your audience engaged!

But that’s where we can help.

To create your presentation, we look at your message and together we see what is needed for your required outcome.

We work with businesses to establish the message and define the purpose, adding relevant illustration and graphics to support the ‘story’ using relevant quantitative and qualitative data. This gives a fresh pair of eyes on the concept at an early stage. The presentation is designed to help our clients to engage with their audience and potentially win business – we don’t stand up and present it for them but we aim to give them the tools so they can deliver the best they can!

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