Writing a Business Blog

‘Where do you start?’ a question we're often asked when delivering blog content to our clients!

We do use a few general processes which; if you’re thinking of writing your own business blog, might be useful to you and a place to start. If you'd like us to write a blog for you, this outlines our approach to start our discussion with you.

Our clients are extremely varied and from completely different business categories, which we actually find really interesting and stimulating. We do work very closely with each client to get to know their business and aspirations. This helps us to incorporate their values into each blog post. Before we start, what we need to know from them is what they want to communicate to their customers; so we can create a ‘story’ around the points they want to get across. Here are our top 3 points for consideration before you begin.

Here’s our 3 ‘top tips’ to share with you.

Tip One: Do your research – that not only means about the subject but the broader market too. This gives a context to the content of your blog how it might be perceived. Going through this process can also generate further ideas to make your blog more interesting and informative! Make sure what you want to talk about is relevant to your target audience and true to the points you need to get across. Be factual, bringing in external references if they support what you have to say and of course, give the reader access to further information about the subject, for those who do want to find out more.

Tip Two: Define your audience – Who are you talking to and why? Of course, this is in your mind; but if they are reading your blog it’s because something has attracted their interest. Keeping their interest usually requires giving them perceived benefits as they keep reading. You, as the writer, need to be flexible in writing style; as the hardest thing can be writing in a style that suits your target audience! It’s a fine balance between sharing too much technical information and being so simple it doesn’t engage!

Tip Three: Think about where the blog will appear – It needs to suit its environment whether as a stand-alone blog, within a subject ‘forum’ or as part of a company website blog to share insights about their business or products. Ideally it needs to be Search Engine Friendly. Use words and descriptions that complement its surroundings and context. This will help it to be found, but then it’s up to you to keep it on message and have a natural flow.

I hope you’ve found this useful. Of course, if we can help by writing or preparing blog content for you, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you! Please contact us

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