Brand Development for Business Growth.

When customers come to us, they usually want us to help them to realise their ideas and help them to bring them to life. We know we need to make the most of their budget and always give our customers ‘directional choice’ pointing out implications at each stage of development, achieving their goals at their own pace.

We support with practical solutions for growth by taking what you have and turning it into what you need!

Brig House Windows – a case study

This project started back in 2013 when Angela was invited to discuss a new logo (pictured) and brand refresh as part of their business growth. (Old logo 'BRIGHOUSE UPVC WINDOWS')

When we first talked to BrigHouse Windows it was clear to see they were already established selling high quality windows and doors from their showroom, with a highly skilled fitting team to complete the independent service.

They were at a ‘cross roads’ and wanted to take their business to the next level. Through detailed discussion and consultation, we recognised the changes in the market; customers were still demanding the high quality range they already supplied, but also needed more choice of products that reflected their lifestyle too.

BrigHouse Windows had responded by adding even more great products to their range, such as bi-fold doors, conservatories, garden rooms etc. now they wanted their customers to know about them! They asked us to help them to create promotional materials and develop a marketing strategy to support their online and off line activity.

We began the process by reviewing their current ‘brand message’, establishing where they wanted to take their business in terms of product offering and target market. (Initial logo concepts pictured)

The theme of ‘Aspirational living’ became a part of the brand development. We began with updating their logo, developing it to reflect their product and business category. We set out to create a new design which could be associated with not only the products they sell, but also the appeal identified through consumer demand. We offered a few different design concepts including name changes as part of the consideration; which helped to shape direction.

However, we also had to be cost effective and practical. By keeping the domain and business registration they already had, they were delighted with the new logo where we used the same name; but with a completely different appeal, something that represented their business!

We created corporate stationery, magazine adverts, promotional leaflets and business signage, bringing the brand together.

Windows & Doors were still the core of their business, however the lifestyle trend of “Out Door Living” certainly suited their business aspirations and it wasn’t long before they started searching for additional product categories. BrigHouse Hot Tubs was born, the perfect complement to their existing out-door living range!

We supported them further by setting up Social Media accounts and creating online and off line content for them to continue to ‘spread the word’ about their growing range.




We are very proud and happy to be a part of their business development and growth!

Customer feedback:

“Thank you for helping us to grow our business through marketing and helping the front end image of our company look great! I would highly recommend this business if you are thinking of growing and giving your business a fresh look. Thanks again and best wishes, Brighouse UPVC windows ltd” Craig Smith

If you’re at a ‘cross roads’ with your business growth, contact us for a consultation.

We help you to take what you have and turn it into what you need!

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