Effectiveness v Efficiency

"DO THE RIGHT THING RIGHT" "doing the right thing is more important than doing things right." Doing the right thing is effectiveness; doing things right is efficiency. That's according to noted management expert, Peter Drucker. As he says; Focus first on effectiveness (identifying what is the right thing to do), then concentrate on efficiency (doing…
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Using External Resource for Business Growth

Cobblers! Is it always true that shoe makers shoes are the worst shod? If you reach the end of your busy week and can’t wait to flop into a chair or go out and have some fun, then you’re not alone! Only problem is, when we finish the working day it’s often the only time…
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Creating an engaging business presentation

Nobody wants a Fairy Tale! But writing a good Business Presentation has to be a ‘good story’ to be interesting and engaging. Like any ‘tale to tell’ in business communication you will have: A beginning – to introduce the subject A middle – to give clarity and meaning An end – for a strong ‘call…
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