Nigel Robinson – Camtronics Ltd (Recommended us for Reverse Logistics & Business Growth)

I have been working with Paul over the last 12 months and found his experience to be a real game changer for my business. Paul is able to communicate very detailed relevant information at all levels, whilst strongly engaging with his peers. He showed proven success as a business manager, empowering a committed team with high standards of customer satisfaction and commitment to increase sales levels, Paul is clearly an asset to have on board, able to provide multifaceted projects within set time periods, providing clearly defined benefits that fit a wide range of business’s. Paul has proven himself to be a reliable, honest, hard-working and dedicated business strategy manager, he has a great eye for detail, recognises quality service support, identifies system and process improvement opportunities within his area of operation, and is quick to recognise the strengths of teams both individually and as an overall operational team. He uses his operational know-how to develop cost-down opportunities along with his commercial skills to react to bottom line improvements. He has excellent returns management and circular economy knowledge & skills, and never takes his focus away from achieving maximum value from any project assigned to him, he is always quick to help & find suitable solutions to any problems, I certainly would not hesitate to work with Paul on future projects. Paul is articulate, enthusiastic, innovative, motivated, helpful and dedicated within his role, excellent with people and develops good working relationships, particularly with his other colleagues and contacts with Business Change, Supply Chain, Reverse Logistics and Returns Management. Paul worked very hard recognising and developing talent within my business, and I would recommend Paul as his work ethic is excellent. I have found that nothing is too much of a challenge for him to resolve, he is an incredibly resourceful individual who always has the best interests of all parties at heart which makes him a balanced and fair person when it comes to making judgements. He is an asset to a wide band of business’s through his knowledge of commercial business operations.

Ben Greig – Entrepreneur (Recommended us for Digital Marketing)

Very professional, highly amenable and a great breadth of core competencies. We commissioned Angela to rework our B2B e-commerce platform content. Angela was an ‘external pair of eyes’ and rewrote our site content including fine-tuning the "message" to a series of bullet points and actions. Angela also wrote a detailed photography brief and directed the entire process with minimal down time to our business, taking the photos herself and skilfully using my team to support the process. Very professional, highly amenable and a great breadth of core competencies.

Camtronics – Nigel Robinson (Recommended us for Digital Marketing)

"It’s a no-brainer for any marketing / social media department or business looking to achieve better results" call Angela! Angela has been brought in to help us develop a social media section within our business. She is a true marketing professional & committed business leader who carries herself with experience, expertise, and toughness when needed, with a warm heart to deliver the message internally. Under her guidance, our team have been guided through all the early learning stages and are now confidently delivering the expectations of high quality messages & blogs to our customers. Angela motivated the team to "plan our work, and work our plan" starting from the very beginning, explaining today's marketing needs and finishing with regular posted content. Angela is the type of person that quickly understands your business needs, your capabilities, and presents a business case that is fully explained with results being measured as the plan unfolds. Angela will challenge your own methods and direction, presenting case studies with proven results and work with you to get the message delivered. My recommendation is "it’s a no-brainer for any marketing/social media department or business looking to achieve better results" call Angela! Nigel Robinson - CEO - Camtronics Letchworth Ltd

Ben Greig – Entrepreneur (Recommended us for Operational Excellence )

Paul is a great asset to any organisation.  Very capable, unflappable, loyal and Goal Driven. Well respected and liked by all. A real team player, extremely competent at organising people and clearly defining the roles of the key players. A real knack at identifying the right characters for key positions and then getting the best from them. Paul was my right hand man over several years.

Martin Haigh – Lattitude7 (Recommended us for Business Growth)

I am delighted to recommend Paul Blackman to any organisation or individual looking for that next step to success - I have known Paul Blackman since about 2011 after I was introduced to him by his wife Angela. I have found him to be very approachable and totally committed to making a real difference for the people, and businesses, in which he works. Paul takes a holistic view of business development and focuses, not just on the current situation, but on the long-term position. I had the opportunity to provide some leadership training programmes for Paul’s employees overseas. Paul traveled with me on these occasions and I witnessed just how caring he was about his people and the operation of the business. Since then I have come to recognise that Paul is a specialist in logistics, safety, manufacturing operations and general business development and have seen how passionate he is about making a difference around the area of growth and sustainability. Paul has a very impressive CV, brimming with talent and qualifications and, through a rigorous approach, has made a tangible difference to some highly-respected companies. He is well-organised and has an eye for spotting development opportunities for businesses and individuals. Coupled with his warm personality and insightful wit, he is a major asset to his clients and I am delighted to recommend Paul Blackman to any organisation or individual looking for that next step to success.

Lattitude7 – Martin Haigh (Recommended us for Business Growth & Digital Marketing)

Combining Talents - supporting businesses with a one-stop-shop to success u-look-i-c Ltd can support businesses with a one-stop-shop to success - Angela and Paul are really warm, caring people and now that they are working together and are co-directors of u-look-i-c Ltd they certainly are a force to be reckoned with. Combining Angela’s immense creative talents with Paul’s highly-objective approach to business improvement means that they can support businesses with a one-stop-shop to success.

SimplyChanged.Me – Stella Hutson (Recommended us for Business Marketing & Communication)

Angela is expert in her field and a true professional, with high integrity. She produces creative ideas and great results in her graphics and video solutions. Personable and punctual at each step of the process, Angela takes special care to tailor the work to very individual specifications, resulting in excellence – at reasonable costs. I will have no hesitation in recommending her highly to others. Thank You Angela Stella Hutson Director at SimplyChanged.Me

Lattitude7 – Martin Haigh (Recommended us for Marketing & Communication)

Angela at u-look-i-c has helped me to ‘spread the word’ by creating a promotional video about my business. I never imagined that such a professional production would be so affordable, but through discussion Angela came up with a great idea of using my own archive video footage and photographs to help me to ‘tell my story’. Angela spent time with me trying to understand my business and the messages I wished to convey. She then produced a very impressive video which looks both eye-catching and professional and I believe captures the essence of my training business. During the compilation process, Angela was extremely patient and made many suggestions in order to get the look and feel correct. Angela has a real passion for creative design and I would have no hesitation in recommending her services for your marketing requirements. Martin Haigh

Andrew Miller Words – Andrew Miller (Recommended us for Small Business Marketing)

Not only is Angela the consummate professional, she is also friendly, trustworthy and highly engaging. Her management of the branding for my business was seamless. She approached the project with enthusiasm, creativity and an industry insight that has proven to be invaluable. I will certainly be returning to U-Look-I-C for future branding and creative solutions. Good people make business – and Angela is definitely good people! Andrew Miller Freelance Writer

Breakey&Nuttall – Joanne Nuttall (Recommended us for Business Marketing & Communication)

Dear Angela We are very impressed by your creation of the web video for our company which is simple, yet informative. It is such a useful tool and businesses seeking to ‘shout’ about their services must contact you. We will be recommending your expertise to clients and contacts wherever possible. For us, this tool could be great for property owners to showcase their vacant premises. Joanne Nuttall Partner

La Petite Boutique – Linda Tait (Recommended us for Small Business Marketing)

“Angela has given me invaluable support and I couldn’t have done without her” I have recently set up my own Lingerie & Swimwear Boutique and Angela was small business Mentor. She has been there right from the start, challenging me with every aspect to ensure I had a good business plan and brand concept. Angela has helped me to make the best decisions based on my ideas and where I wanted to take it. Angela has given me invaluable support and I couldn’t have done without her.

Reliable Property Maintenance Ltd – Helen Coleman (Recommended us for Business Marketing & Communication)

ANGELA I would like to say a big ‘THANK YOU’ to Angela for all the time and help she has put into getting Reliable Property Maintenance Ltd onto the social network. Angela has designed and put together both our Facebook and Twitter pages and has, and still is continuing to help with the social media side of the business development. As well as designing and putting together our Facebook and Twitter pages she has had to have a lot of patience with me as social networking was something I knew very little about. Angela has sat with me and explained how to do things and if I need to know anything she is only a phone call away. Angela is a very friendly person and when I have to ask a question she promptly replies or sorts it out for me without any hesitation. I can recommend Angela for all the work she does and it is always done in a very friendly and professional manner. Thank you