I have been working with Paul over the last 12 months and found his experience to be a real game changer for my business.

Paul is able to communicate very detailed relevant information at all levels, whilst strongly engaging with his peers. He showed proven success as a business manager, empowering a committed team with high standards of customer satisfaction and commitment to increase sales levels, Paul is clearly an asset to have on board, able to provide multifaceted projects within set time periods, providing clearly defined benefits that fit a wide range of business’s.

Paul has proven himself to be a reliable, honest, hard-working and dedicated business strategy manager, he has a great eye for detail, recognises quality service support, identifies system and process improvement opportunities within his area of operation, and is quick to recognise the strengths of teams both individually and as an overall operational team. He uses his operational know-how to develop cost-down opportunities along with his commercial skills to react to bottom line improvements.

He has excellent returns management and circular economy knowledge & skills, and never takes his focus away from achieving maximum value from any project assigned to him, he is always quick to help & find suitable solutions to any problems, I certainly would not hesitate to work with Paul on future projects.

Paul is articulate, enthusiastic, innovative, motivated, helpful and dedicated within his role, excellent with people and develops good working relationships, particularly with his other colleagues and contacts with Business Change, Supply Chain, Reverse Logistics and Returns Management. Paul worked very hard recognising and developing talent within my business, and I would recommend Paul as his work ethic is excellent.

I have found that nothing is too much of a challenge for him to resolve, he is an incredibly resourceful individual who always has the best interests of all parties at heart which makes him a balanced and fair person when it comes to making judgements. He is an asset to a wide band of business’s through his knowledge of commercial business operations.