From a background in Commercial Operations and Manufacturing, geared towards excellent customer communication along with product and service related sales. I am a business improvement consultant and coach working with a variety of clients from very small businesses to established businesses with a common desire to see business growth.

After working for and interacting with Large Companies for many years; I decided it was time for me to do something different. My wife had already started a business and we could see the potential to grow our services by adding my skills and experience.

My passion is working with People and in particular seeing people fulfil their potential. I take great pleasure in helping people and businesses address difficult challenges and helping them to help themselves.

My experience has been gained by working in many different business spheres across a variety of countries and cultures. This has exposed me to many interesting techniques and approaches, some truly excellent and some not so.

This to me is such a useful insight and that just cannot be bought.

I grew up in the South and have lived in the North for 25 years with my family. In my personal life I thrive on learning and enjoying the experience!

Mobile: 07742 955199

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