Marketing Communication

Marketing Communication

We offer a full content update and creation service comprising the following:

  • Website and Social Media content creation and uploads, functional changes to images / text including headers and banners
  • Content creation either in pictorial or editorial form.
  • Creation of articles and Blogs
  • A coordinated set of actions across all your platforms in real time
  • Calendarization of events to target the most relevant audience
  • Measurement of the effectiveness via analytics to ensure the businesses understands the approach and always achieve ROI

We help our clients to co-ordinate their 'message' representing your business consistently over all platforms. We provide updates and use your Website as a 'hub' for all your Social Media activity. Coordinate your brand marketing messages throughout all your customer facing activity: Sales Presentations, Promotions, Business stationery, signage and all communication tools you need to give a consistent and professional business message.

We work with you to establish the best strategy for growth based on your own expectation.

Together we work on the brand message. We address and coordinate all areas per platform to bring together and enforce what your business is about.

The benefits of our approach:

  1. It keeps your website ‘fresh’ and up to date ensuring it is ‘found’ with relevant content.
  2. We work with you to update your website in terms of functionality and content to address the customer needs and expectation first and foremost.
  3. Your website supports your ‘more instant’ social media messages.
  4. Website and social media activity increases your customer traffic which in turn benefits your SEO and raises your ranking presence - a virtuous circle.
  5. Coordinated activity enforces a consistent brand image enabling your users to understand both your offer and your values. The importance of consumer trust cannot be overemphazised.

For more in-depth and on-going programs, we provide meaningful feedback via analysis, SEO reporting or platform statistics, which makes each action measureable and in line with your strategy.

The results help us to identify and guide you through next steps.

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